Bejeweled Poetry in 2016 New Title Showcase at Poets House Library NYC

Author M. Jewel H. in New York at the Poets House Library.  She was humbled and honored to have her latest release “Bejeweled Poetry V: Alive” in the 2016 New Title Showcase.  The Poets House Showcase is an exhibition of poetry opening July 14th-Aug 20th 2016.  Thousands of items are on display in this caring and diverse space for poetry from around the world and publishers large and small. Author M. Jewel H. also participated in the members only open mic and a reading from her book.


Author Talk with Poet M. Jewel H. Seized the Day

Author M. JEWEL H. seized the day by sharing poetry and spoken word with an audience at Beatley Library in Alexandria, VA. The proceeds from the book and event were to support her dear friend that is battling cancer. Poetry for the purpose of helping others was the goal of this event and future events. Every little bit helps if you can support too:

Bejeweled Poetry V: Alive!

The 5th entry to the Bejeweled Poetry by M. Jewel H. series is “Alive!”

Bejeweled Poetry by M. Jewel H.

1. Revelations, Sensations, Creations

2.  Duel

3.  Three Times Forever III X IVever

4.  Before

5.  Alive

Live with enchanting and energizing  poetic vibes in “Bejeweled Poetry V Alive” by award-winning author M. Jewel H.  The desired 5th entry to a rhythmic series that began as a recommended “must read” with the first publication.  Adventure along the infinite possibilities of verse to embrace life and enduring love with Bejeweled Poetry V Alive!